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Left 4 Dead 2 - Single Player And MultiPlayer 100% Working Vers Bot !!LINK!!

Multiplayer vs zombie In this mode, 4 players (the Survivors) . Multiplayer vs zombies mods can be installed into the game. There are a few of them. Survival Mode Survival Mode is a very important gamemode. That's because all of the single player gameplay in Left 4 Dead series is only training for this. Zombies come from a single source which is a Hunter. He attacks in every moment. The player who was chosen to be the Hunter is the last survivor of the 5 players who survived the campaign. The others are the Survivors (the characters of the first two L4D games), the Infected (the zombies) and the "Zombie" (in the campaign, the Hunter is a character). The zombies are spawned in numbers which depend on the number of Survivors. Each Zombie has a max number of hits that it can deal to the Survivors (1-6 depending on the level of the game). After a successful hit, the Zombie will try to damage the Survivor for a few seconds and then it will be dead. So, the Survivors have to always be ready and try to protect themselves. The Hunter attacks the Survivors, the Zombies, and the "Zombie". Hunter can spawn multiple Zombies at a time. If a Zombie kills a Survivor, the Hunter is killed and loses the game. If the Hunter gets killed, the Survivors become the Hunter and the next Survivor is automatically chosen as the Hunter. Hunter:Guns are the weapons of the Hunter. Each Survivor has a Gun. By shooting with a Gun, the Zombie gets hurt. Survivor: The goal is to survive as many waves as possible. Infected: The goal is to defeat the Survivors as many times as possible. The first survivor that is killed by a Zombie loses the game. If all survivors are dead or the game is over, the game is over and the players will be restarted with the latest version of SourceMod / Metamod. The Survivors win if they can survive more waves than the Infected. The Infected win if they can kill more Survivors than the Survivors kill them. The Hunter wins if he is the last survivor. Note: The game ends in 30 minutes even if it is not the last Survivor. Differences L4D is a cooperative game. The Survivors must work together be359ba680

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